Captain Harrowleaf

Male Elf Ranger


Captain Harrowleaf is Loudwater’s militia captain and patrol leader. He brandishes 2 silver long swords on each hip and a longbow that he often whispers to when nocking an arrow. His armor seems intertwined with plant life that is constantly growing and even blooming. Does he water his armor daily? His hair is brown and the typical length seen among his wood Elf brethren. He appears to look aged, even for an Elf.


This elf ranger is among the few residents of Loudwater who dwelled in the town at the time of the Spellplague. He is glad to talk about Loudwater as it once was, and he makes it clear that he views the town’s reduction in size as a blessing. Those brave enough to talk about his past only do so in a jesting manner not in his presence. Perhaps, bringing up an old rumor started when his brother had visited Loudwater once a few years ago. And he participated in a challenge brought forth by his brother to an archery contest. For his brother surely delights in his younger brothers failings. Not wanting to disappoint the men he leads he accepted and lost miserably. For there were mere humans who could handle a bow better than him. Thus, it had been reasoned since said event that this may be why he is seen whispering to his bow from time to time. Perhaps he is sweet talking and coaxing it into shooting better for him in the future.

Captain Harrowleaf

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