Bree LashingTail

Tiefling Barbarian


Bree stands at a 6ft, weighs 161 pounds and is tan with a face full of freckles with solid white eyes and razor sharp teeth. She has a black raven tribe tattoo on her left cheek and usually sports a scowl. She is athletic and well toned with a large bust. She wears a soft but stained shirt along with skin tight black cotton pants that have holes at the knee, and rips along the thighs from long use. Both are clean and serviceable. Her hair is a fire red and unkempt, often looking tangled. Her horns are swept back straight, with feathers dangling from one of them. Her tail is long and narrow and constantly lashing around her feet. Bree also has a set of wings that she usually keeps bound to her back, but recent adventures in Draigdurroch Tower have left Bree without her much loved and stained shirt, and her wings unbound.

Bree also carries around a GreatAxe, which she calls Hate. She took it off the warrior she slew before being banished from the Black Raven Tribe and carries it as a constant reminder.


Bree LashingTail- Tiefling Barbarian female.
She was discovered by the Tribal Chiefs wife, who felt pity on Bree and kept and looked after her until she could herself. The tribe raided a caravan and left only one survivor, Bree. While the caravan was burning she tried to fight the barbarians using a sword she couldnt even lift. After being poked and prodded with poles, pushing her down and around, they left her to die. Upon their departure, she followed their tracks to their camp and single handedly attacked them. The chiefs wife, who felt pity and was moved by her bravery took her in. As she got older, she couldnt remember how she came to the tribe, thinking her flashes of memories were of nightmares. She was not liked among the tribe, but tolerated. She learned to fight to defend herself, and earn her right in the tribe. Upon reaching majority, the truth of how she came to be part of the tribe was revealed and in her rage slew her opponent by losing her temper. She was banished from the tribe, and became a wondering mercenary, working for lodging and food at local inns. Mostly as a enforcer. During a particular drunken brawl, she lost her temper and slew a drunk patron that had tried to grope her and was ran out of town. Now she wonders, never staying in one place too long and rarely speaking. Despite being banished from her clan, she still sings as she slays on occasion, the tribal songs. The tribe she hailed from is the Black Raven Tribe. Every morning exercises to keep herself fit, strong and healthy. Avoids ale, preferring water. Always carries venison jerky in a pouch hanging off her belt that she frequently munches on.

Bree’s goals are quite simple. Short term, she wishes to amass power and notoriety. She very much wants to be seen as a cold, cruel and efficient killer, but at the same time, wants to be seen as having Honor. Not knowing of the normal Knights concept of Honor, she has forged her own Code. She will fight and die to protect those she deems need protecting, and fight till her dying breath to kill an enemy that she thinks needs to be killed.

Long Term: Bree hopes to go back to the Black Raven Tribe and prove her strength and power to them, and take her revenge upon the Chief. Thereby becoming the Chief herself.

Bree LashingTail

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