Male Dwarf/ Proprietor


Garwan is a white-bearded, wizened dwarf, and he is happy to let customers browse while he sits at the counter puffing on a prodigious pipe.


He is among many of the Shield Dwarf people who have decided recently to take back key points of interests. He is a patron to many endeavors being undertaken to reclaim some of the old Dwarven mines and fortresses found with the local mountain ranges, but has met with disaster and failure in almost every attempt. Because of these set backs, he is very particular in who he gives a task too. He is more concerned in the amount of time it will take to get the task done and how well it is completed as he has handed out money to many adventurers of late, only to find them either to have ran with the money or to have failed in their attempts, which usually has met with their deaths. He was successful in establishing an agreement with the Glintshield Dwarves in the Graypeak mountains to use their mines, but lately his small band of miners have been attacked while enroute to these mines.


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