Lady Moonfire

Loudwater leader and ruler



This youthful half-elf favors a black or green gown sewn with silver thread. Glittering rings decorate her delicate fingers, and a silver amulet hangs regally from her neck. She is beautiful but not particularly noble acting, in fact she seems quite flighty and irreverant, especially if you catch her drinking ale at the green tankard. On some nights she can be found raising the spirit of local adventurers at the inn or the pub, laughing loudly and lewdly with them as she swaps adventuring stories with the lot of them.


Although the city is built in a great location, it is not the trade center that it once was. Roads have been destroyed and key smaller towns along the existing roads have become home to thieves and other malevolent creatures. Loudwater’s primary trade is selling simple supplies to travelers and exotic items to adventurers and collectors. These artifacts are in abundance in the many ruins located near Loudwater. Lady Moonfire dreams of restoring the town’s lost industry. She mentions fishing and copper as industries that might be possible to re-start if they could find the location of the copper-mine that has been lost since the Spellplague and gain control of the some of the land surrounding the rivers that are inhabited by monsters and brigands of all sorts.
She is glad that the adventurers have decided to take on the task of dealing with the threat of the Goblins who have lived in the Barrow and have been a threat—albeit minor—to the city for more than 40 years. The Barrow is only a few hours walk to the South, and she jokes that with the threat gone that the city should expand in that direction, as there is a new “gate” in the wall. [ For those who are either new or weren’t present for the current session, the goblins raided the town and blew the southern gate apart] She says that she will try to determine a way to sustain control of the Barrow after the goblins are gone.

Lady Moonfire

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