Welcome to the Gray Vale. This is an area that had been decimated by the Spell Plague and is rife with trolls, goblins, orcs and even dragons. In the midst of the Gray Vale lies an old town called Loudwater. Loudwater is one of the few towns to survive the Spell Plague and ensuing choas. It is nestled on the southern banks of the river Delimbiyr. Although it is a town with the capabilities of housing close to 10,000 residents it now only sports a meager 2,000. That is all that managed to survive the horrific events of the Spell Plague. However, things are picking up for our small town. Apart from the constant raids on farmlands by goblins and trolls, a small clan of dwarven smiths and miners have taken up residence and are eager to begin operations on the local mountain ranges near Loudwater.

To the south of Loudwater lies Southwood, Highstar Lake and High Moor. High Moor once housed a great and ancient human kingdom. Many ancient halls still exist and the adventurers that did manage to escape these halls were able to bring back stories of strange writings and pictures etched into the walls that depicted humanoid dragons and Humans cohabiting.
To the north of Loudwater and across the river Delimbiyr, lies the Direwood, the High Forest, the Lost Peaks and the Star Mounts. It seems that endless hordes of Goblins are constantly pouring forth from the north and Loudwater is a prime target for these foul little beings.
To the east lies the Gray Peak mountains and nestled in between 2 separate flowing rivers lies a nefarious town with a history of being ruled my miscreants and petty tyrants. Thanks to these rulers, the town has been reduced to only bringing in bandit residents, black market traders and urchins and a few other residents that abide amongst the sort. From time to time even placing them as rulers, who eventually mistreat the residents, who eventually leave for either more safe living conditions or tire of the constant bullying.
To the west lies most of Loudwater’s troops residing in harbor ports located off the river to support the new trade routes being established slowly in Loudwater. there are 5 of these forts and each is separated out approximately 5 miles for a span of 20 miles. The after these forts are the ruins of Zelbross.

There is plenty of adventure in the Gray Vale and recently an undead threat and a united goblin front in the north have stood at the door steps of Loudwater. Tension is in the air of Loudwater and lady Moonfire, guardian and ruler of the town, displays high hopes that they will overcome, but the mire of dread still hangs on the backs of the residents of Loudwater. Perhaps, the new group of adventurers who wandered in town can help the people of Loudwater overcome the darkness sweeping over their land.